About Let'sGoUp!

“Let’sGoUp!” is a balloon décor design and delivery service, proudly serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas. As an alternative to traditional floral decor, the company offers an array of balloon décor designs that can fit any budget at any time.

The owner, Derek Gibson, founded the company after noticing a huge surge in customers requesting balloon décor over traditional floral décor. Originally titled "Balloonables," he later decided to change the name to "Let'sGoUp!"  Although he had been creating balloon decor as a hobby since he was a kid, his passion in balloon art design increased tremendously over the years.  Aside from creating fabulous décor with balloons, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion in floral design. 

Derek continues to strive for excellence in building his brand and works endlessly to make sure his team knows and understands the importance of customer satisfaction. His dedication for bringing new business strategies to life as well as exploring new ideas and creating new products remains an inspiration for other entrepreneurs.




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We are so proud of the companies we keep. We have provided balloons and created balloon decor for some of the biggest companies in the world. We would love to add you to the list and hope that we can continue to partnership in the future.